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Our mission is to restore the lives of women dealing with emotional trauma.
We want to be facilitators in this process of healing and restoration so that they can find their true value and discover their potential and purpose in their lives.
therefore we will use the best Christian methods to facilitate this change to happen.
The power of prayer, counseling and prophetic ministry are effective tools for our inner healing.


Ana Arruda - Founder & Director

She is full of dreams, an idealizer, a heart bigger than her, the unlikely one that the Lord redeemed and decided to use for the glory of His name.
Transformed character is driven by compassion, her life inspires us her love for Jesus motivates us.

Neia Gomes - Director Healing for the Nations

The lioness who in His presence becomes a lamb. Because she knows who he is in her life.
She goes to great lengths to get what she needs honestly and above all she fears the God who guides her.
She is silent in the processes but she has a voice of thunder when she exercises authority, yes her life is full of authority and beauty on his part.

Janine Rosa - Director Challenge for the Nations

Janine her name is of Greek origin, and has in its essence strength and skills to know, has high resistance.
Janine is practical, observant, faithful, has absurd courage and silly fears, is very willing to serve, a woman of faith who chooses to wait on God daily.
You will be amazed by Janine and her talents.

Daniela Borges - Discipler & Counselor

She is passionate about Jesus, is someone who teaches the Bible, teaches principles, gives advice, is empowered and completely influenced by the word of God.
She is a kingdom enabler, who loves people, loves God, and is joyfully always ready! And it's always a dose of joy wherever she steps. She is Daniela Borges ♥️

Celia Ferreira - Director Voice for the Nations

It is delicate, at the same time strong and sensitive. A woman who exhales the perfume of Christ through her actions and words! She is compassionate, but at the same time, she knows how to stand up with class! The original Latin name means “sky”, that is Célia and a little piece of heaven on earth! True, funny a rare human being.

Regiane Campos - Volunteer leader

An admirable and inspiring warrior!
Her name means absolute lady, queen, she stands out for her great persistence, determination, her ability to get back on top and not give up fighting even when her body doesn't respond to the strength he appears to have because she's super fit, fit! There is an inner communication within her and she always chooses to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit that tells her that she is strong, healthy and victorious and like a great warrior who never loses a battle, she rises again and goes forward renewed, absolute and victorious in Christ Jesus!